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Lotus’ new electrical highway bike is a efficiency, track-inspired biking machine

There are plenty of electric bikes you can jump on, but how would you like to ride one based on Team GB’s bike? Well, now you can. The latest release from Lotus (yes the same guys that make the car of your dreams) is the Type 136 performance bike. It’s a track-inspired electric road bike designed for performance riders.

Lotus’ new Type 136 electric bike is a lightweight performance model. Designed from the Type 108 bike that Team GB has used in multiple Olympics, this electric bike has gold in its sights. It weighs just 9.8kg, which is pretty light as far as electric bikes go. This is thanks to a carbon fibre frame, and specially made components.

It doesn’t ditch anything you’d expect to make this weight, either. You’ll find V-shaped handlebars, wing-shaped forks, and vaulted chain stays. Not only are these lightweight as well, but they help the bike carve through the air with speed and efficiency – to meet the performance promise.

The High Performance System is one of the lightest motors ever made. It weighs just 300g at the bottom of the bike, and can help propel the bike to top speeds. The battery powering the bike is also pretty unique. Rather than looking like a big, ugly rectangle, it’s disguised as a water bottle. Plus, you can detach it from the frame at the push of a button for when you want to ride without it.

Need a performance-ready electric bike? The Lotus Type 136 is the cream of the crop. It’s being limited to a run of just 136 (would you have it any other way?), before the standard model goes on sale in spring 2024. How much will this biking legend set you back? A mere £20000 a pop – certainly a pretty high price for this elite bit of cycling kit.

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