London SkyMagic drone gentle present

Drone light shows are more than just entertainment – they are an impressive feat in drone fleet management, flying over people, precise positioning, and more. SkyMagic experts deployed 500 planes to deliver the largest drone light show London has ever seen in 2022.

SkyMagic’s drone light show was staged by the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich and over the Thames as part of the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve spectacle.

“London welcomed the New Year with a dynamic broadcast across the city celebrating its diverse cultural heritage,” said a SkyMagic press release.

SKYMAGIC worked with Jack Morton, a global branded experience agency who created and produced the live show.

SKYMAGIC flew a fleet of 500 drones to deliver the UK’s largest drone light show ever and to tell an even bigger story over the London skyline using the iconic cityscape as a canvas. Our drones worked with the latest RTK technology, which provides improved GPS accuracy and high-resolution images, as well as faster transitions between movements to recreate some of the most exciting moments of 2022.

Patrick O’Mahony, Creative Director of SKYMAGIC, commented: “We were delighted to be working with Jack Morton again to design and deliver the drone light show for London’s New Years Eve for the second year running. Building on last year’s trade fair, we returned to the capital with a larger fleet and have further developed our drone division both technically and creatively. The 2022 show tells a celebratory story with an emphasis on three-dimensional formations, conceptual shapes and complex trajectories. “

Jim Donald, Production Director, Jack Morton added, “We are honored to bring the UK’s largest drone show to London in 2022 and I am delighted to have worked with the SKYMAGIC team again to do this over the heavens Deliver london. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the UK’s leading drone light show company. “

The show sent a much-needed upbeat message in anticipation of our return to live entertainment, touching on topics such as sports, live music and carnival.

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