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Logitech G Litra Beam LX practices protected streaming

It’s no good decking out your snazzy streaming room with props, backdrops and a fancy gaming chair if it’s so dark your viewers can’t see any of it. Key lights are the answer, but some of ’em are so bright you risk eye damage by keeping them in your line of sight too long. The Logitech G Litra Beam LX is certified safe for all-day streaming – and it’ll brighten up your background with RGB effects, too.

Launched alongside the Yeti GX microphone as part of the firm’s streamer-centric Logi Play Days event, the Litra Beam LX is a dual-sided light bar designed to sit above your screen. It’s got a white key light up front, with adjustable brightness and 2700k – 6500k colour temperature, and an RGB light strip at the back for ambient illumination.

All the LEDs are diffused, to cut down on harsh shadows and provide more flattering illumination for your face, while the rear LEDs can alternate through a selection of preset animations.

The bundled stand provides enough height to elevate it over even the biggest desktop monitors, and keeps the USB-C and mains power cables largely out of sight. There’s built-in tilt, too. A standard 1/4in tripod thread means you can mount it on a boom arm instead if you’re after a specific lighting angle.

Physical buttons up top let you manually adjust settings on the fly, or you can tweak using Logitech’s G Hub software. There’s also Bluetooth for placing it further from your PC than the included USB cable can reach.

Like the rest of Logitech’s line-up, the Litra Beam LX is certified carbon neutral. It’s made from at least 48% post-consumer recycled plastic, too.

The Litra Beam LX is on sale right now, from all of the familiar PC hardware etailers and retailers, for $150/£150/€160.

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