Logitech G Driving Drive Shifter Xboc/PC4 – Black (Refurbished)


Driving Force™ Shifter is designed for both G29 and G920 Driving Force racing wheels, to enhance the latest PC and console racing titles. Add realistic shifting to your racing wheel setup and to the latest PC and console racing titles. Driving Force Shifter completes your racing rig with smooth six-speed shifting, authentic solid steel and leather construction, and built-in clamps for secure mounting to a table or racing rig. Get set for a high-performance shifting experience through every hairpin turn and straightaway.

  • Driving force shifter: Lock in the right gear at the right time with our racecar quality 6-speed manual shifter
  • Realistic racing experience: Delivers an incredibly realistic racing experience
  • Secure mounting: Built-in clamps mount shifter securely to a table or racing rig
  • Six-speed short-throw: Designed to ensure smooth, accurate gear transitions on both hairpin turns & straightaways
  • Built to last: Constructed of quality materials for precision racing & long-lasting reliability
  • Wide compatibility: Compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7, games that support Logitech force feedback racing wheel
  • Model year: 2020

Refurbished Rating
This product is listed with an “Excellent” condition. It arrives in a near-mint condition and may have very minimal to zero amounts of scuffing on the case.


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