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LG’s newest Tone Free earbuds promise superior sound on-the-go

Over the last few years, LG has gone through some changes to the brand. It doesn’t make smartphones anymore, and rather focuses on tellies, speakers, household goods, and accessories. And although LG might not make smartphones, it does do a pretty great job at a key accessory – wireless earbuds. Though the names might need a bit of work.

With the TONE Free range of wireless earbuds, LG offers a feature-rich package to Android users. The latest TONE Free T90 line-up for 2022 is no exception. With killer features, powerful sound, and being ready to take on the go, the new buds are a promising package.

LG’s flagship buds from the 2022 TONE Free line-up are the T90s. These more premium earbuds offer impressive sound from larger drivers that generate deeper bass. LG promises an incredibly dynamic, yet balanced and crisp sound. Using the latest from Snapdragon, LG’s latest buds can offer low-latency 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio, which is closer to wired sound quality.

When it comes to the fancy features, LG delivers with the T90s. The buds feature Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing, some clever tech that expands the sound stage to a stereo-like feel. It doesn’t end there, as LG’s T90 TONE Frees offer Dolby Head Tracking and Dolby Atmos for advanced spatial audio.

Other features include an improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), with an optimiser feature built-in. There’s also ambient noise-cancelling in the mic, for clearer audio on calls. The UVnano charging case comes packs an ultraviolet light to sterilize the earbuds, keeping them cleaner. LG promises 9 hours of battery life on a charge, and a further 20 hours from the case.

LG is also offering a fitness version, the TONE Free Fit, with the TF7 and TF8 models. They’re designed for active lifestyles, with a better fit, and some clever hooks to keep the buds in. They offer many of the same features, with a couple of key differences.

The TONE Free fit models also offer Active Noise Cancellation, the same Meridian audio processing, and UVnano case. Unlike the T90s, the Fit models boast IP67 water resistance for the rain, sweat, and splashes. Unfortunately, these models lack the spatial audio tech, but we doubt you’d use that while exercising. There’s a slightly bigger battery too, with LG promising 10 hours from the buds, and a further 20 hours from the case.

If you’re looking to pick up LG’s latest TONE Free earbuds, there’s still a little while to wait. The new mini cans are set to start rolling out at the end of August. They’ll be available directly from LG, as well as other online retailers. If you’re looking for a set of wireless earbuds to accompany your Android device, LG’s TONE Free buds are an excellent choice with all the features crammed in.

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