LG Velvet 5G on the Verizon community receives an Android 11 replace

LG, the smartphone maker, is no more. But for concerned people who have spent hundreds of dollars on LG phones, the company has promised that its premium phones will receive three major Android operating system updates from the year of purchase. And despite a poor track record, the company intends to deliver on that promise. It looks like the commitment has already been implemented, starting with the LG Velvet 5G.

Hey LG, you should have done the whole timely update a little earlier!

The phone has started receiving the Android 11 update for users on the Verizon network. In case you’re wondering what UW represents in the name of LG Velvet 5G UW, it stands for Ultra Wideband. The phone supports Verizon’s mmWave 5G bands, which the company markets as Ultra Wideband 5G, while the sub-6 GHz network is called Nationwide 5G.

Going back to the Android 11 update for LG Velvet 5G UW, it has build number G900VM20a and was introduced yesterday. Apart from the usual changes to the user interface of Android 11, the security update for March will also be brought to the table. In case you did not receive the update notification, you can check it manually by following this path: Settings> About phone> Software updates> Check for updates.

LG Velvet is now much cheaper to buy

In the meantime, there is some good news if you keep your eye on the LG Velvet but let its price point dissuade you. T-Mobile is currently selling the phone on its website for just $ 400This is a significant drop in price from its original market value of around $ 600. Note that the T-Mobile version is operated with the MediaTek Dimensity 1000C SoC and does not support mmWave. The Verizon-locked version costs $ 700 and is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G SoC.

LG is dead. Buy an LG phone now!

And if you want the phone even cheaper, Amazon is currently offering the unlocked variant of the LG Velvet 5G for just $ 379 at the time of writing. If you trust LG on its promise of software updates for at least another 2-3 years, the LG Velvet 5G is a great deal for $ 379. If you want to learn more about the phone’s performance, check out Pocketnow’s test video above.

Check out LG Velvet 5G on Amazon

Android 11 update changelog for LG Velvet 5G

Notifications – –
Conversation bubbles: notify you of a new message via a floating bubble. Go to Settings> Notifications> Conversation Notifications to see the full list of conversations to set up for bubble notifications.
Wireless emergency alarm –
Application and menu update: Under Settings> Network & Internet> Wireless Emergency Notifications – The menu has been updated with Google WEA.
Type and pay – –
Tap and pay: Go from standard apps to Settings> Connected devices> NFC. Tap & Pay is now displayed when NFC is enabled and disappears when NFC is disabled.
Mobile hotspot – –
Menu update: Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Tethering & portable hotspot> Portable hotspot
OS 10: Supports the “Manage Connections” and “802.11 Mode” menus
OS 11: Removes the “Manage Connections” and “802.11 Mode” menus
camera – –
Tutorial Slider: The order of the tutorial in the slider windows has been changed to camera modes and front / rear cameras. The background color has also changed to black.
Quick video: Press and hold the shutter button to record a short video. Drag and hold the Burst Mode button.
Switch camera button: The button shape has changed in Photo, Video and Time Lapse modes.
the settings – –
Quick Settings: Three icons (focus mode, bedtime mode and nearby sharing) have been added (hidden) to the main notification field from the edit list.
Focus mode: You can pause distracting apps and hide their notifications from your schedule.
Bedtime mode: Avoid interruptions like calls and notifications while you sleep.
Nearby sharing: Enable this option to enable sharing with nearby devices.
Icons: The mobile data icon has been moved to the first page and the HiFi Quad DAC icon to the second page.
Volume control: The volume control display has been moved from the top of the screen to the left.

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