LG begins rolling out the Android 11 replace within the US from V60 ThinQ

Well, it looks like US LG phone owners are finally getting a taste of Android 11. Yes, a majority of OEMs started releasing the update a while ago, and Google even released the first Android 12 developer preview. But hey it’s better to finally have it than not get the upgrade at all. The The update will roll out to both Verizon and T-Mobile units of the LG flagship.

The official support page for LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW on Verizon mentions that the update was released on February 26th and has the build number V600VM20a. But there are some disappointments here. Samsung released the security update for some of its phones in March, but the Android 11 update for LG V60 ThinQ comes with the January patch.

T-Mobile, on the other hand, delivers the Android 11 update (build number V600TM20f) with the security patch for February. The update also enables 5G SA (Standalone) for LG V60 ThinQ devices on its network.

For the changelog, you get the usual extras like floating bubbles for notifications, redesigned controls, native screen recorder, notifications, wireless Android Auto, and scheduled dark mode. You also get better privacy tools like the ability to grant one-time app permissions.

Below are some additional changes the Verizon-locked LG V60 ThinQ is getting:

Wireless emergency alarm: Applications and menu update: Under Settings> Network & Internet> Wireless emergency notifications, the menu has been updated with Google WEA.

Type and pay: Tap & Pay is now displayed when NFC is enabled and disappears when NFC is disabled. It’s also moved from default apps to Settings> Connected Devices> NFC.


  • Tutorial Slider: The order of the tutorial in the slider windows has been changed to camera modes and front / rear cameras. The background color has also changed to black.
  • Quick video: Press and hold the shutter button to record a short video. Drag and hold the Burst Mode button.
  • Switch camera button: The button shape has changed in Photo, Video and Time Lapse modes.

Quick settings:

  • Three icons (focus mode, bedtime mode and nearby sharing) have been added (hidden) to the main notification field from the edit list.
  • Focus mode: You can pause distracting apps and hide their notifications from your schedule.
  • Bedtime mode: Avoid interruptions like calls and notifications while you sleep.
  • Nearby sharing: Check this option to share with nearby devices.

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