LED Gentle Up Golf Balls


Enhance your night golf tournament experience with the help of our professional quality ball. Now you can golf in the dark! With hit-activated LED lights, these light-up golf balls illuminate when you strike them. The golf balls remain lit for 5 to 8 minutes after first impact, with a strong LED light visible from 100+ yards out. Simply replace the batteries and get on the course. The bright LED lights last for hours of fun, so you’ll be able to play anytime and anywhere!

  • LED Lights. Integrated LED lights illuminate the whole golf ball
  • Hit-activated. Lights up in every strike
  • Internal batteries. Play the game for hours on end
  • Weatherproof, Safe & secure under any weather or when the balls bounce in puddles
  • Best gift choice. A perfect gift for everyone who’s into playing golf
  • Indoor & outdoor. Can be used in your office, living room, patio, or anywhere you like


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