LED Face Defend & Rose Quartz Eye Masks Set


Elevate your skincare regimen with the SkinGear LED Face Shield & Rose Quartz Eye Mask Set. The LED Face Shield, equipped with seven customizable light settings, brings professional-grade LED light therapy to your home, addressing concerns from acne to fine lines in just 20 minutes. On the other hand, the Rose Quartz Eye Mask embraces the calming energy of rose quartz crystals, diminishing puffiness and infusing a luminous glow. This set provides you with the wonders of modern skincare and relaxation, allowing you to effortlessly treat your skin while indulging in a spa-like experience at home.

LED Face Shield Light Therapy Mask

  • Red. To stimulate collagen & elastin, and to minimize redness and wrinkles
  • Blue. To kill bacteria, treat acne & regulate natural oil production
  • Green. To reduce & lighten pigmentation, soothing and purifying
  • Yellow. To improve rough skin, wrinkles, skin redness & irritation
  • Purple. To repair texture & minimize pores
  • Clear. To balance skin tone & accelerate blood circulation
  • Laser. To accelerate active tissue metabolism by penetrating deep in the epidermis

Rose Quartz Eye Mask

  • Soothes & relaxes facial muscles & skin
  • Eliminates congestion & reduces inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation & skin tone
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness & wrinkles
  • Reduces dark undereye circles


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