Lady Scout Cookies from Drone: Wing helps native troops

Expert in drone logistics and delivery, Wing helped local troops deliver Girl Scout biscuits by drone this spring.

In Christianburg, VA, under the FAA Integration Pilot Program and now the BEYOND program, Wing has made exceptional efforts to work with the Christianburg, VA community. So new research from VA Tech and the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) shows that drone delivery has a high level of approval among local residents – and programs like this one to support drone delivery of Girl Scout cookies are part of the reason.

“Not only do we deliver cookies by drone, we also work with local scouts to show them how drone delivery works and hopefully inspire some to pursue a STEM career. In return, they teach us a lot about how to sell cookies, ”says Wing.

“We started talking to the local troop in Christiansburg about a month ago. Even with COVID restrictions easing, the traditional way of selling cookies outside of grocery stores or stores is difficult this year, and sales are down about 50% from previous years, ”the company explains. “In 2020 Wing was able to support a number of local businesses with our unique and contactless delivery capabilities. For example, the owner of Mockingbird Cafe, a bakery in Christiansburg, Virginia, reported that drone shipments accounted for about 25% of sales in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We also helped a local library deliver books to children stuck at home. It was a given to work with the Boy Scouts to help with this situation. It’s also an opportunity for the local Girl Scouts to learn about drone delivery and learn about a technology that we hope will be widespread upon entry into the workforce. “

“Girl Scout cookies can currently be ordered through the Wing app in Christiansburg until the end of May. We are committed to 3,000 biscuits and we will do more if necessary. So far, Thin Mints is the most popular cookie order, followed by Somoas. “

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