Japanese Grasp Chef’s 8-Piece Knife Set On Sale


Unleash deliciousness in your kitchen with this Seido Japanese Master Chef’s Knife Set

Experience the ultimate blend of form, function, and Japanese precision with the Seido Japanese Master Chef’s Knife Set. Crafted to empower both home cooks and professional chefs alike, this eight-piece knife set offers a perfect balance of sharpness, durability, and control to elevate your meal preparation.

The Seido Knife Set is meticulously designed with high-carbon stainless steel, boasting a higher carbon content than most “premium” knives. This superior construction ensures outstanding edge retention and durability, making your kitchen tasks effortless. The forged construction with a sloped bolster provides perfect balance, control, and comfort, thus redefining your cutting experience.

What is each knife for?

  • 8″ Chef’s Knife: A versatile tool for slicing through tough meat and vegetables.
  • 8″ Slicing Knife: Flexible and long, ideal for thin slices of roast, fruits, and vegetables.
  • 8″ Bread Knife: With a sharp, serrated edge, it cuts through baked goods without compressing the tender crumb.
  • 7″ Cleaver: A butcher’s best friend, perfect for hacking through bone and meat.
  • 7″ Santoku Knife: Forged with a granton edge for precise chopping and a thinner blade for finer edge.
  • 5″ Santoku Knife: Compact and efficient, perfect for chopping vegetables or fruits.
  • 6″ Boning Knife: Designed to cut meat away from bones & joints from meat and fish.
  • 3.5″ Paring Knife: The perfect tool for precision cutting with ideal length and balance.

Additionally, the set comes packed in a beautifully crafted gift box, making it an excellent present for anyone passionate about cooking.

What sets the Seido knife set apart is the acute 15° angle of the blades, compared to the 25 degrees seen in most Western-style knives. This distinct feature ensures a noticeably sharper cutting face, making every slice, dice, and chop a breeze.

Note: Customers must be 18 years old+ to purchase

Exceptional Deal Alert: This comprehensive Seido Japanese Master Chef’s Knife Set offers unbeatable value, providing superior quality at a pricing structure that outshines deals on other reputable platforms.


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