I’ve examined a whole lot of telephone circumstances. This is why the On a regular basis Case is my favourite

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I previously evaluated several mobile accessories from Peak Design and since then the company has expanded its collection. The company’s Everyday case has been mounted on my iPhone 13 Pro Max for 20 months and Peak Design cases now secure a Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7.

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The base element of the Mobile by Peak Design ecosystem is the Everyday Case and the most recent version I tested is for the Pixel 7. Peak Design also has cases for the new Google Pixel 7A, Apple iPhone 14 models, and Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

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The Everyday case, available for $39.95, is a relatively minimalist 2.4mm-thick case with a rubber bumper. The back nylon canvas material makes it easy to hold and keeps it clean and professional. A band of black plastic is positioned above the Pixel 7 camera bar.


Peak Design Everyday Case

The Everyday Case serves as the base building block for the Peak Design ecosystem with the SlimLink connection point centered on the back of the case. The case protects from drops up to six feet and supports the connection of more than 10 mounts and accessories.

The key element of the case is the magnetic/mechanical lock system, called SlimLink, which features a rounded square opening to which various attachments can be made with a physical lock action. There’s also a magnetic lock to keep your phone secure in a number of situations. I have the magnetic car mount on my dash, two bike mounts for my cycling, and even a handy wallet that serves as a kickstand for viewing media.

The design of the securing mechanism also ends up making your Pixel or Samsung phone compatible with many MagSafe accessories. I have an ESR case for my iPhone that I prefer to use with my Pixel and that is a MagSafe accessory not originally designed for the Peak Design Everyday case.

With the two-meter drop protection, slim profile, and rock solid secure SlimLink system, the very first case I buy for any new phone is a Peak Design Everyday case.

While I looked at several Peak Design accessories in 2022, one that I only tried in an early prototype version was the Mobile Tripod. For the past month, I have used this accessory, available for $79.95, to help me capture photos and videos with the Google Pixel 7.

This unique tripod, which folds flat and is only 4.75-7.5mm thick, attaches magnetically to the back of the Everyday case and can be used with your phone in portrait or landscape orientation. Three aluminum legs, with anti-slip feet, fold out from the back and provide a very stable platform for your phone.


Peak Design Mobile Tripod

If you want to take selfies with the rear cameras, capture images/video content as smoothly as possible, or get in a big group shot, using a tripod is a great option. The Mobile Tripod is designed to be with you at all times thanks to its compact size. It opens up to provide a stable platform and is also great for viewing media on the go.

A ball joint is used to find the perfect angle for your shot and Peak Design even includes an integrated key to adjust the tension in the joint, as needed. It is a fantastic accessory to help you capture still images and video content, but can also be used for viewing media on your phone.

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Thanks to its sleek size and 76-gram weight, I take this along with me at all times because you never know when you might need to capture that perfect shot or video clip. The Mobile Tripod has a matte black finish on the stainless steel with a full side covered in silicone to attach safely to your phone or supported case.

Matthew Miller/ZDNET

ZDNET’s buying advice

There seems to be an almost unlimited number of case options available for smartphones today. After testing hundreds of cases, the Everyday Case from Peak Design is the very first one I search for and purchase when obtaining a new smartphone. The case itself adds minimal size and weight to the phone, but the power is in the mounts and accessories that can be attached easily and securely to the case.

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The ability to also extend MagSafe accessory usage to a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone is also a nice benefit of the Everyday Case. 

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