Ivation Transportable Spray Washer with Water Tank


Wash away your worries when it comes to big cleaning jobs, there are two ways to get it done. You can use elbow grease and wear yourself out, or you can get the right tool that does that hard work for you. The Ivation Rechargeable power washers electric powered with an Accessory Kit take your most difficult cleaning jobs and make them easier than ever. Simply fill the tank with water, dial up the pressure, and watch the dirt and grime wash away. Operate this pressure car washer anywhere with its portable, lightweight design. Charge the battery beforehand or plug the DC power supply into a car outlet for simple, powerful cleaning.

  • Complete with multiple accessories. Perfect for any cleaning project
  • Detachable water tank. For easy refilling through a wide mouth
  • Versatile. Perfect for cleaning vehicles, motorcycles & bicycles
  • Integrated storage. Offers compartments for your wall charger & cord, and an accessory bag
  • Lightweight & portable. Carry it with you wherever you go using either the handle or strap
  • Built-in 2,200mAh battery. Allows for 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Gentle stream. Maximum operating pressure is a gentle 130.5PSI
  • 20ft flexible hose. Makes it easy to move around while washing


  1. This is not a pressure washer, the unit does not release high-pressure water
  2. To avoid leaking make sure the washers are inserted before tightening the knobs (included in the packaging)


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