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iScooter iX5 Off Highway Electrical Scooter: the liberty to discover

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and as scooter hire trials in cities have proved successful, the private ownership of the time-saving little gizmos has taken off too. They’re ideal for zipping around and covering distance quickly, but it’s worth noting that until the law in the UK is changed, privately owned scooters are only legal to use on private land with the owner’s consent.

iScooter was founded in 2012 as a safe, affordable and reliable scooter brand. Its vision is to move the world by manufacturing eco-friendly electric scooters, to let people commute more freely and efficiently in cities.

The iScooter iX5 (save £40 with code ‘stuff’) is a great example of what an electric scooter can be. It combines a powerful motor with rugged construction and chunky tyres to create a scooter that’s capable of going over all types of terrain, from sandy paths to forest trails,with both front and rear suspension to smooth out any bumps. It’s sleekly put together, with high-quality materials throughout, and offers excellent grip both from its tyres and through the non-slip surface on its riding platform. There’s an optional seat too, opening up the scooter to those who find standing on it for long periods difficult or tiring, and a kickstand for those times you have to get off.

Powerful electric motor

At the heart of the iX5 is an 800W brushless electric motor powering the rear wheel, which allows it to travel at a maximum speed of 28mph. This is combined with a 48V, 720Wh battery fitted under the scooter’s deck, which means you’ll be able to get 28 miles of range out of a charge. The maximum weight rating for the scooter is 150kg, or over 23 stone, which beats the 100kg rating of most city hire scooters and means you can use it while carrying a larger bag, or if you’re just heavier or taller than average. This power makes it unsuitable for younger riders, with a minimum age of 14 recommended for operating one.

While it’s completely home on the flat, hills are no problem for the iX5, with its ability to climb slopes with a gradient of up to 25%. And when it’s time to slow down again, there are hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, to give confidence in your stopping power. The brakes are regenerative too, helping to regain power lost when stopping.

Easy to fold

The iScooter iX5 stands out for its foldable design, which makes it easy to carry and store. You can quickly fold the scooter in seconds and take iron public transport, put it in your car boot, keep it in your garage, or just bring it along using the supplied carrying bag for any outdoor activities. Being made of aluminium alloy, the iX5 is fairly lightweight for such a solidly built device, tipping the scales at just over 27kg, and two extra wheels at the end of the deck mean it can easily be pulled behind you when folded.
Safety is paramount when riding an electric scooter, especially one that can achieve the sort of high top speeds the iX5 can manage. Gloves and a helmet are always recommended. To help you see and be seen, the iX5 also has powerful LED headlights, brake lights and turn signals, as well as a horn, which are especially useful in dark or busy places, day or night. There are also ambient running lights along the sides of the scooter that can light up in many colours, adding to your visibility.

Despite its remarkable portability, the iX5 is built to last, with a sturdy frame made from aluminium alloy and an IP54 rating for water and dust resistance – it’s not going to complain if you’re caught in the rain, or if you need to wash it after scooting through the mud. The 10in pneumatic off-road tyres make muddy paths much less of a problem, providing excellent traction wherever you are, and there are shock absorbers on the front and rear to give a smooth ride.

High quality electronics

Up on the handlebars, an LCD display shows you the speed, battery level, and mode (eco, standard or sport) of your ride clearly so you can keep track of your ride – and most importantly the remaining charge – without any hassle. The handlebar controls are easy to use, with smooth throttle and brake controls that let you adjust your speed and stop accurately, and complete control over the scooter’s lights.

Being an electric scooter, the iX5 does not pollute the air like petrol-powered off-road vehicles. It also runs silently, without the noise and smelly fumes of conventional engines, so you can appreciate nature without disrupting the calm and quiet of your surroundings. The package includes a waterproof bag, mains charger, and all the tools you need to assemble it.

The iX5 has a strong motor, big knobbly tyres for off-road use, and a suspension system that lets it handle different kinds of terrain, like dirt, grass, gravel, sand, and mud, smoothly. With it, you can discover new places to ride off-road, have exciting adventures, and enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way.

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