Iris Automation launches the Canadian BVLOS program for drones

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Iris Automation, a drone startup, this week launched the Canada Pathfinder Program, an all-in-one solution to streamline the complex steps required to obtain Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight permits and experience.

According to company officials, the program will address the challenges companies face in advancing commercial drone services for remote and remote-controlled missions.

Iris develops advanced detection systems that support the Detect and Avoid (DAA) functions and in turn enable safer commercial drone operations.

The Californian company has partnered with two of the leading remote controlled aircraft systems (RPAS) test facilities in Canada to support, train and demonstrate BVLOS flight proficiency – the leading UAS test suite in Alberta and the UAS Center of Excellence (CED) in Alma, Quebec.

The program includes flight training, support in obtaining BVLOS approvals, a BVLOS security system, technical and regulatory support and access to the test center. The program is open to any organization interested in operating BVLOS services in Canada.

“Our work in Canada, particularly with Transport Canada and the RPAS test sites, has shown the incredible opportunity the country offers for advanced commercial drone solutions,” said Gabrielle Wain, Iris vice president, Regulatory Affairs. “We are excited to partner with CED Alma and Foremost to bring the necessary expertise to local markets and accelerate efforts by companies interested in getting started.”

William De Keizer, Director of the Cluster of Excellence, CED added:

“We are seeing tremendous interest in leveraging commercial drone operations, but we are concerned about how to launch a program safely, efficiently, and in compliance with applicable regulations. Working with Iris Automation to deliver this complete program will help many companies finally realize the potential of drone operations. As Canada’s pioneers in the civil and commercial RPAS industry, we pride ourselves on advancing the technologies and capabilities that accelerate the advent of safe and well-integrated BVLOS flight in Canadian airspace. “


The consortium will conduct commercial missions over linear power lines in Alma, Quebec. Approval was granted to use Iris Automation’s Casia DAA system, which provides commercial drones with automated collision avoidance maneuvers.

Iris Automation also participates in the FAA’s BEYOND program to advance more complex BVLOS UAS operations in the National Airspace System.

Iris Automation in the news

December: Iris announces the completion of a $ 13 million Series B financing round.

October: The drone startup is working with the city of Reno as part of the FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) to develop a river search and rescue program to equip the city’s fire department with drone technology for life-saving rescue operations.

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