iPhone 13 with always-on show ?! MacBook Professional DATA & extra! (Video)

The official news starts again today with offers on some relatively new products, starting with Amazon and Apple. At this point, I think it’s already clear that if you want Apple deals, Amazon is the place to go. You can currently get the latest iPad Pro for $ 50 cheaper, while the base 11-inch model remains for $ 750. If you don’t care about the Pro nickname, the iPad Air has just hit a new low at a discount of $ 110, starting at just $ 639. If you’re looking for a laptop, Dell’s newest XPS 13 is getting a $ 130 discount, so you can get the Intel Core i7 variant for $ 1,500. Back to Apple, the AirPods Max keep getting better at a $ 70 discount, leaving most colorways for 479. If you’re after much cheaper headphones, JBL’s Tune 750s are $ 30 cheaper, so you can get them for a cool $ 99. We have other listings for other iPads, Logitech and Razer peripherals, and more .. In the links in the description.

Let’s get to foldable devices, but we’re going to discuss different brands for this segment. And it’s only fair that we start with the current king who is Samsung. We have a new tweet from Ice Universe claiming that Samsung’s Z Fold and Z Flip will have the most powerful folding screen tech with the Ultra Thin Glass 2.0 in the second half of 2021, but apparently the camera shouldn’t expect a lot. It seems that the display takes precedence over any type of camera enhancement. He also reiterates the fact that there won’t be a Galaxy Note 21 Ultra, which is why he mentions that their fall flagships will have the worst camera specs. Further down we also have a new tweet from Ross Young mentioning that all 2021 foldable devices that use Samsung Display panels will have 120Hz capabilities and LTPO capabilities. In detail, he goes into the fact that Z Fold and Z Flip are included, as well as a 7.57 inch foldable from Google, a 7.11 inch from OPPO and even larger models from vivo and Xiaomi. To sum things up, we should expect great panels for Samsung flagships and this also serves as a confirmation that Google is working on their foldable display and it won’t bring a mediocre display. We hope the rest of the specs match.

Let’s talk about Apple for the first time today because it’s been a while since we’ve covered the updated MacBook Pros we’ve been waiting for since the M1 launched. In Mark Gurman’s latest newsletter, he mentions that the next generation of the new MacBook Pros will go into production in the third quarter with an announcement from Apple expected between September and November. Gurman actually claims that Apple originally planned to release them earlier this year, as all the leaks showed, but there were several issues with the production of mini LED displays that ultimately resulted in a delayed introduction. We expect these new MacBook Pros to feature flat-edged designs with extra ports and the mini-LED display we currently have in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which I don’t really like. More on this in a video shortly. We can also expect this with the next generation of Apple Silicon, which according to older Bloomberg reports will offer quite a bit of power. Let’s hope it won’t be pushed back this time.

Okay, let’s put the spotlight on Samsung and their Unpacked event as we are now getting some leaks from very trustworthy sources .. Starting with Evan Blass like earlier this weekend, he tweeted a leaked invitation dated August 11th. If you need more evidence, let’s move on to THE source. Also known as Samsung. Because yes, in typical Sammy fashion, one of their European websites “accidentally” leaked a picture of the event invitation. It says: “The future will unfold in a new way. Very soon. “And then it’s Galaxy Unpacked, August 11 at 5 pm Moscow time, which makes it 10 am for the east coast. Well, at this unpacked event, we expect Samsung to release the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, Watch 4 and the Galaxy Buds 2. Speaking of Buds 2 and official leaks, someone just found an early beta version of a Galaxy Buds 2 plugin on the Samsung server that reveals some information we hadn’t heard Apparently the color options include gray or green, purple, yellow, black, and white, and I think we knew all of them but the yellow. Another report also mentioned that we’d get Active Noise Canceling from at least one earbud, but this one Option is currently invisible in this app. The screenshots show us the various tap functions, an equalizer, the pairing process and more. Unfortunately, there seem to be more capacitive buttons that a lot of people don’t like. So yes, August 11th seems like it t be the date so I think it’s pretty safe if we start marking calendars now.

And finally, for the hottest news today, we’re switching to Apple and the upcoming iPhones for this year and next … Starting this year and the iPhone 13. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims Apple is finally ready to offer an always-on Add display to iPhone .. did I finally say? Which was the first? LG G5? Actually, I think it used to be a Nokia. Anyway, Mark’s newsletter mentions that this always-on mode would be inspired by the Apple Watch, where it lowers the brightness and offers a variable refresh rate to save battery life while keeping the display constantly on. Of course, this function would be activated by the LTPO displays leaked over and over again, which also allow a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Now, starting with this year, let’s talk about another iPhone that we can expect next year. A new report from DigiTimes Asia cites industry sources claiming the 3rd generation iPhone SE 3 will hit the market in early 2022. And the reason we are reporting on it is that he was referring to a report from none other than Ming Chi Kuo. goes along with where he mentioned that we could expect it in the same timeframe, with the same design but with 5G and a newer A-series processor. So always-on display for the iPhone 13 and a newer iPhone SE for the first half of 2022.

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