iPhone 13 BIGGER ?! iPad Mini Professional Leaks & Extra! (Video)

Of course, the official news starts today, and pretty much the only official news today starts with deals. Let’s start with Samsung as it doesn’t seem like they are letting go of the brakes on these trade-in deals. You can currently buy the Galaxy S21 for just $ 100, the S21 Plus for $ 300, and the S21 Ultra for $ 500 if you have a trade-in device. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available on Amazon for $ 70, and the 44mm version is available for $ 200. For smartwatches, the Apple Watch SE costs 40 US dollars, the GPS + Cellular model 319. The M1 MacBook Pro costs 150 US dollars, the base model 1100 US dollars. Finally, the MacBook Air is available for the same price if you purchase half a terabyte of memory in either silver or space gray. Make silver, trust me. It will age better. Anyway, we have more deals on Jabra Earbuds, other Samsung products, and more in the description.

Let’s put the spotlight on Nintendo as I can only admit that I seriously can’t wait for a Nintendo Switch successor. Not that the current one is bad or anything, but folks, it was released in March 2017. This is like suicide in tech years, and yet it’s crazy that I don’t think Android phones have really caught up with that experience. To be honest, if you think about it, the company is following a 4-5 year launch plan for its flagship consoles. So if you do the math, it looks like we need to update. According to a new report from SlashGear, the CEO of Universal Display Corporation claimed during a call to win: “Nintendo chose an OLED display for the new Switch Pro because the contrast ratio is virtually unlimited and the pixel response times are faster. Of course, we don’t know exactly how much information the CEO knows, but let’s face it, they have a lot of access or it might just be based on rumors. We do not know it. A Bloomberg report claims that the Switch Pro would include a 7-inch OLED panel from Samsung, a new Nvidia chipset that supports up to 4K gaming when connected to a TV and more. Let’s see what we get, let’s just hope it wasn’t referring to the leaks we already knew about.

Let’s talk more about Samsung and its leaflets that should be out soon. The rumors continue to intensify as we near a likely launch, and now we have a new report from SamMobile that cites tipster Tron. It looks like we’re getting a total of 5 cameras on the larger Galaxy Z Fold 3. This will consist of 3 rear facing cameras and 2 selfie shooters. On the back, this triple setup consists of a 12-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, and a 12-megapixel telephoto photo. We don’t know what the focal lengths will be, but we can expect a 3x telephoto lens with OIS. The main sensor also brings OIS for low light and all 3 cameras should record 4K at 60 videos. That’s the boring part, but for the exciting section we get more details on a possible under display camera. It’s going to be supposedly a 16MP sensor from Sony, and the one on the outer display would be a 10MP shooter in the hole. Some other leaks for this phone include a 7.5-inch main display as well as a 6.2-inch cover display, both of which run at 120Hz. It is reportedly powered by the Snapdragon 888 with up to 16 GB of RAM and up to half a terabyte of storage. We can also expect a 4400 mAh battery, ready-to-use Android 11, and S Pen support. A possible start is reportedly planned for August. So expect all of this to intensify further.

But alright you knew it was coming, let’s go to Cupertino for the rest of the show. Aside from an updated Nintendo Switch, I’m just crazy about a new iPad Mini, but for a while those rumors got pretty boring. We didn’t get anything at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, and then other rumors claimed it was mostly just an internal update. Well, there was a report a few weeks ago claiming the iPad Mini Pro had just passed the planning and research and development phase at Apple. Now we have a new report from a Korean blog that has some more details on what to expect. Apparently, this iPad mini Pro would take on much thinner frames that come with the current iPad Pros. It will also bring 5G support and will be available in gray and silver colorways, along with the Moniker Pro. Finally, the report claims that we could expect this iPad along with the 6th generation iPad mini in the second half of this year. Yes, so it seems like you have a choice between going pro or getting bored. If we go back to the regular iPad mini, we can expect the same design, but thanks to some thinner bezels with a larger display. Multiple sources also claim that we could get the on-screen Touch ID sensor which makes a lot of sense for this iPad. Honestly, this is real as I’ve asked for it for years.

And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s keep talking about Apple, but let’s move on to iPhones. We expect the iPhone 13 to bring a ton of minor improvements in terms of hardware, even considering this is going to be an S year. Today we have some kind of confirmation of that, but not necessarily these minors. According to a report by MacRumors, the iPhone 13 series will actually be slightly thicker than the iPhone 12 and have bigger and thicker camera bumps, but the lenses will stick out less. According to the circuit diagrams. The 13 and 13 Pro will now go from 7.4mm to 7.57. When it comes to the camera’s bumps, the 13 goes from 1.5 to 2.51mm while the 13 Pro goes from 1.7mm to 3.65mm. If you think about it, these new dimensions fit in with the dummy units we saw from Unbox Therapy where you could see the big difference in camera shocks. We expect these new iPhones to stabilize sensor displacement for both the main sensor and the ultra-wide, hence the size of the bumps, like the 12 Pro Max did last year. We should also get an updated telephoto lens as well as the LTPO displays on the front

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