Interactive Cat Toy with LED Mild


With voice control and colorful LED lights, this toy will keep your cat entertained for hours. Its self-balancing system ensures that the toy stays upright while your cat plays. Made with safe-grade materials, it’s long-lasting, rechargeable, easy to clean, and ultra-quiet. The long battery life ensures your cat can play for longer periods without any interruptions. Make playtime fun and interactive with our Interactive Cat Toy with LED Light!

  • Fun & interactive. Automatically changes direction after colliding w/ a solid object
  • Colorful LED lights. Uses changing lights instead of laser to protect your cat’s eyes
  • Safe-grade materials. Made of eco-friendly ABS & rubber material to keep your cat healthy
  • Long-battery life. Keeps your cat entertained for hours
  • Rechargeable. Lets you charge this toy for 1 hour using a Type-C charging port
  • Self-balancing system. This ball moves randomly, unpredictable
  • Voice control. Simply make a sound or clap your hands to automatically make the toy start working


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