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Insta360 Go 2 assessment | Stuff

The Go 2 is ingeniously packaged. When I lift the lid of the box, all I see is the camera – a tiny white egg-shaped sleeve vaguely reminiscent of Wall-E – apparently attached to the back of a card. It is impressive, and even more so, when I pull on the capsule and find that it is attached to this support by magnetism alone.

On the other side of the card is one of the accessories that turn this action camera into a portable one. A plastic disc with an adjustable length of cord that can be worn like a pendant and then placed under your shirt. The Go 2’s magnet then securely attaches it to your chest so you can run, run, ride, surf, or whatever and hold on to. It’s a clever feature that means you don’t have to mess around with a harness or other awkward body mount. You can just rip the camera off and put it back in your pocket when you’re done filming.

One thing to watch out for is not to wear a sweatshirt that is too thick before using it: while it’s safe enough to walk around, the magnet didn’t feel as grippy as I would like it to be when I run or Would ride a bike. It’s okay through a thin T-shirt; When stratifying, be careful. The charging case is similarly clever. Not only does it protect the tiny Go 2, fill up the battery and allow you to change settings, but it also works as a miniature tripod: open it, pry out the two legs and you can set it up on any flat surface (even if it doesn’t) a standard screw attachment on the underside, if you want to attach it to a tripod, a selfie stick or similar). Like the pendant, it uses a magnet to keep the camera securely inside. There is a USB-C port on the base for charging.

You will find two additional bracket accessories in the standard Go 2 box. The first is a clip mount with a rotatable magnet holder designed to be clamped onto the bill of a cap or the like. I took a first-person video of a bike ride with it, barely realizing I was wearing it, and found it to be much safer (if a little more noticeable) than the trailer mount. The other is called the swivel stand and combines a tilt-adjustable magnetic mount with a base that doubles as a handle and a sticky stand. It will attach itself to a smooth, flat surface such as a window, kitchen shelf, or door frame. Insta360 recommends using this in grip mode when filming underwater (did I mention the Go is completely waterproof 2 to 4m?).

The camera itself has no visible ports (unless you count a contact plate for wireless charging) and has only one physical control: the entire front is basically a clickable button. While I appreciate the simplicity, it’s way too easy to accidentally press this and start or stop video recording when you don’t want to. Imagine the hassle if you had just nailed a big jump only to find you missed it all because a stray finger banned your shot prematurely.

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