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Information and data – New three-year licenses for Capital’s e-scooter operators

The local provider Flamingo and the newcomer Beam will be using the three-year licenses from Monday, March 1st. Flamingo has been operating in the city since 2019 and is continuing. Beam, based in Singapore, currently operates in Auckland as well as cities in Australia and Asia.

The two were selected following an evaluation of four company proposals presented to the Council earlier this year. This follows the end of the 18-month trial of the e-scooter program on December 31st. Lime and Neuron were the other two contenders.

Chief urban planner Liam Hodgetts said the council had received four strong proposals for the evaluation panel to consider, and all four could have made the cut. However, through the selection process, the officials agreed that the two best proposals came from Flamingo and Beam.

“Last year, the city councils agreed in principle that the e-scooter program could be continued from 2021 and that new licenses could be issued. However, the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback later this year through a review of the Statute for Trading in Public Places. This review will provide recommendations to councilors to determine how or if the program in Wellington is proceeding. ”

He says any changes to how the e-scooters work would be based on the Council’s previous experience. “If this continues, we would be better able to manage micromobility with public stakes like e-scooters and bicycles, and to select and monitor the companies that will operate them in the future.”

Flamingo spokesperson Nick Hyland looks forward to continuing to provide Wellingtonians with a fun, safe, and easy way to get around town. “We look forward to working with Wellington City Council to ensure that our scooter sharing service plays a positive role in the future of Wellington’s urban mobility.”

Frederick Conquer, spokesperson for Beam, said, “The company is grateful for the chance to bring our sustainable, affordable and safe e-scooter program to Wellington and to work with the local community to create new business and transportation opportunities.”

Current licenses will expire on February 28th – Flamingo will continue and Lime will be replaced by Beam on March 1st.

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