Industrial UAV Expo Superior Airspace Summit

After already breaking summer registration records, the organizers of the Commercial UAV Expo, set to be held in Las Vegas from September 5-7, have announced the addition of a new Advanced Airspace Summit, held Sept. 6, to their already-stacked agenda.

The Advanced Airspace Summit is designed to answer the most important questions about the future of advanced air mobility: how to cultivate the public trust, build better airspace awareness, and why that matters to the future of the industry as a whole. The two part event will further the important discussions around the future of uncrewed aviation from the aspect of community and regulatory acceptance.

The Nexus Between the Drone Industry and Manned Passenger Aviation

“There is currently a large gap between crewed and uncrewed aviation,” said Jeremiah Karpowicz, Group Editorial Director at Diversified Communications, organizer of Commercial UAV Expo. “Commercial UAV Expo is working to bridge that gap and create trust within the entirety of the airspace community – including the general public. As the commercial drone industry continues to grow, the UAS community needs to address stakeholders’ challenges and concerns so that we can build the future of the airspace together. This highly anticipated addition to our conference program will allow attendees to discuss where the industry is today, how the technology will evolve, what regulatory changes will likely be necessary, and what challenges the industry will face related to passenger expectations and public acceptance. We will tackle these issues through insightful communication and planning, and Commercial UAV Expo is proud to be at the forefront and provide a platform to move the industry forward.”

Panelists include industry experts from leading companies including AERODiMEO LLC, Choctaw National of Oklahoma, DroneUp, End State Solutions LLC, FAA, Iris Automation, Northern Plains UAS Test Site, NUAIR, P3 Tech Consulting, Sabrewing Aircraft Company, Spright, Supernal, Syracuse International Airport, Titan Aviation Global, The MITRE Corporation, TruWeather Solutions, USDOT’s Highly Automated Systems Safety Center of Excellence, Xelevate Solutions, and Zipline International. The show as a whole will feature over 200+ solutions providers showing off the latest and greatest in UAV technology and applications, showing why it’s a must-see showcase for the broader UAV space that providers and companies won’t want to miss out on.  Register here for this year’s can’t miss drone event.

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