HurtSkurt 2-in-1 Trendy Chilly Remedy Compression



The HurtSkurt 2-in-1 Fashionable Cold Therapy Compression is comprised of a gel sleeve and ice pack. This cold compress comprises patent-pending, stretch-to-fit fabric sleeve and gel panels that create a 360° therapeutic environment that is both extremely efficient and effective. The 100% gel panels stray frozen 5x longer than ice, while the ultra-soft fabric acts as a built-in skin barrier. No harnessing is required as the HurtSkurt slides on and stretches, and conforms to your body to stay in place. The paneled construction allows for articulation at the joints so you can still walk, work or drive while wearing the HurtSkurt. Change the way you think about therapy with the fashion-forward designs of the HurtSkurt.

4.5/5 stars on Amazon:
★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★

  • 2-in-1 cold compress: Creates 360° therapeutic environment that is extremely efficient & effective

  • Stretch-to-fit fabric sleeve: Can be work on the arms, wrist, knees, ankle & thigh

  • 100% gel panels: Stays frozen 5x longer than ice

  • Paneled construction: Allows for articulation at the joints so you can walk, work or drive

  • No harnessing: Slides on & stretches and conforms to your body to stay in place

The HurtSkurt is designed to stretch and conform to your body and stay in place without need for harnessing devices.

  • Placements shown below are recommendations only
  • The HurtSkurt may not fit all people in recommended areas below
  • The HurtSkurt may also be used as a flat compress
  • The HurtSkurt does not need to be tight on the body to be effective


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