Hexagon Flip Productiveness Timer with Mute & Alarm Capabilities


The Hexagon Flip Productivity Timer is a game-changer for your work or study routine! Say goodbye to tedious button pressing with a user-friendly design – just flip to your desired preset time (1, 5, 10, 25, 30, 60 minutes), or customize it to fit your needs. The sleek black color, with a metal frame, adds a touch of style and comfort to your space. Experience productivity with the ring mode, emitting a loud chirp for start and pause, and distinct beeping to signal the end of your set time. Need silence? Activate the mute mode, perfect for quiet environments like the library. Plus, with simple “m+” and “m-” buttons, adjust your countdown effortlessly.

  • Flip timer. Built with precision sensor system & present time for accurate
  • Easy to operate. Simply flip to a particular side for preset desk timers or set the time according to your personal need
  • High-quality material. Prevents wear & scratches, and more durable than other devices
  • Wide application. Suitable for reading, cooking, working, learning, game, nap, meditation, etc.
  • Customizable. Simply press m+ to add minutes, or m- to subtract
  • Convenient modes

    • Ring mode. Gives you a fairly loud single chirp sound for every start & pause, and Fast, repetitive beeping at the end
    • Mute mode. Notifies you when the time is up without disturbing others
  • Classic black. Simple design with metal frame builds a sense of style

NOTE: Batteries are sold separately


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