Helpfull Suggestions Platform: 1-Yr Subscription


Helpfull is the easiest way to get feedback from thousands of people in minutes. It’s a real-time feedback service that lets you send out surveys to our thousands of testers and get their opinion all within a few minutes. Whether you’re comparing images, text or surveys; the pool of qualified testers give you their real detailed opinion to help you make better decisions and be more informed. Helpful has over 20,000+ peole ready to give you their brutally honest feedback right now, try us out completely free!

Premium Plan

  • 2 free questions per test
  • 50 credits/mo
  • $0.95 per credit (5% off all credits)
  • 5 seats
  • Advanced questions
  • Phone support
  • Live-Web support
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Excel
  • API Access


“Helpfull is a great service to use if you need feedback in real time. In a very interactive and fun way that makes you excited to view the results.”
– Karla Q, QA Specialist


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