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Combining the concept of our original One80 Headlamp with features of a traditional headlamp, this is the next innovation in headlamps. Get the best of both wide-angle peripheral visibilities found in the One80 Headlamp with the long-range directional visibility of a traditional headlamp all in one.

Experience wide peripheral visibility combined with longer range directional illumination. All-encompassing illumination, perfect for your next adventure, work project or any other activity. Also, the adjustable long-range directional light expands your visibility. With the adjustable tilt spotlight, you can get an accurate spotlight directed exactly where you need it, while keeping the full close-range 180-degree illumination. Keep a backup battery on hand and swap it out as needed, quickly and easily. All components are removable and interchangeable.

  • 180⁰ illumination. See your surroundings vividly w/ no blind-spots
  • IPX5 waterproof. Perfectly capable of withstanding light or moderate rain
  • Long battery life. Use it for long periods of time w/ a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 hours
  • Effortless to clean. Easily detach the Velcro headband from the LEDs & battery to wash off any dirt or sweat
  • Multiple light modes. Provides you the right light for the job no matter the activity you’re doing or the environment you’re doing it in

    • 1 Click = High All (180 + Spot) – 500 Lumens (3 hr. run time)
    • 2 Clicks = All Low (180 + Spot) – 250 Lumens (6 hr. run time)
    • 3 Clicks = 180 Only – 250 Lumens (5 hr. run time)
    • 4 Clicks = Spotlight Only – 250 Lumens (7 hr. run time)
    • 5 Clicks = Flash – 500 Lumens
    • Hold 3 Secs = Red (12 hr. run time)


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