Heisha DNEST transforms DJI Mavic Zoom into Drone-in-a-Field

The new HEISHA DNEST uses the characteristic autonomous charging pad from HEISHA and makes it smaller, slimmer and more protected with additional functions: Every user can convert a commercially available drone into an autonomous drone-in-the-box solution.

“HEISHA used to focus on industrial platforms,” ​​says CEO Ling Lu. “In 2020, more and more consumer demands were made – but this was associated with major challenges. We knew we needed a ready-to-fly, easy-to-use, small and intelligent standard product. “

“We worked like integrators: We worked closely with DJI and our flight control partner Freesky and tested over and over again. The DNEST is the result of these efforts: an autonomous drone solution that is simple, small and affordable. “

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to use the DNEST.

There are numerous possible uses for autonomous drone solutions: From security and inspection to live video streaming to selling real estate online, HEISHA customers find new uses for the HEISHA DNEST every day. In the current market climate, says CEO Ling Lu, HEISHA has seen the greatest pulling power among drone service providers. “The biggest problem for the top service providers is not to find drone hardware, but to find enough qualified pilots to meet the demand,” he explains. “For jobs in a fixed location – especially in rural areas – the cost of a pilot is quite high. Docking stations are a great way to reduce costs, a core value of HEISHA products. “

While the professionals are HEISHA’s largest market right now, HEISHA can see that the day is fast approaching when consumer demand will compete with that of drone professionals. With a DNEST in your garden or terrace, you can get an aerial view of your property from anywhere, if your area allows *. Whether you’re using a DNEST for security, farming, or just to show a friend your new pool, drone-in-box solutions are becoming more and more mainstream.

HEISHA now offers qualified partners all over the world exclusive sales opportunities for the HEISHA DNEST.

* Check local regulations for drones for flights out of line of sight (BVLOS).

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