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Growatt Infinity 1300: moveable energy you may need to take with you

Growatt may be best known for its residential solar generation and energy storage systems, but in the Infinity 1300 it’s created something you’ll want to take with you too.There’s a pre-sale for the Infinity 1300 taking place from 12-25 June with an exclusive discount.

It’s a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery pack that charges in less than two hours from a wall socket (and rockets to 80% in just an hour) or as little as 2.5 hours from solar thanks to a maximum input power of 800W, and is capable of outputting as much as 1800W of power. As such, it’s ideal for taking with you on camping trips, or leaving at home to take over in case of power cuts.

The capacity of 1382Wh (27Ah) means it can keep charging your devices, or even powering something like a fridge or hairdryer, for longer than other, smaller power storage devices. We mentioned that charging is fast, but it’s also convenient, with no need for a bulky mains adapter to charge it – just a single cable – thanks to its bidirectional inverter technology, and a broad input voltage range that’s compatible with a wide variety of solar panel brands, including of course Growatt’s own, which are available with up to 200W peak capacity. It’s also very efficient, able to convert 99% of the solar energy absorbed by the panel’s cells into stored electricity.

Charge anything

The convenience continues with a high number of outputs, including a wireless charging pad on top so you can rest your phone on it for a quick top-up. Elsewhere you’ll find four USB-A, two with fast charge, two USB-C, a 13.2V car socket, and some AC sockets too, there are 14 different outputs, so the chances are you’ll find something capable of powering up your gadgets. It doesn’t hang around either, with up to 100W of charging from its DC ports, and 1800W of AC. Three units can be chained together in series if you’re in need of extra capacity.

There’s an app too, allowing you to control the Infinity 1300 from your phone or tablet via either remote Wi-Fi or local Bluetooth, just in case your chosen patch of wilderness doesn’t have wireless internet. With it, you can check battery status, monitor the output ports, and see how long it can continue charging your laptop before it needs some more juice itself. The LiFePO4 cells inside the Infinity 1300 have a potential life of over 10 years, thanks to the ability to absorb 3,000 or more charging cycles.

Don’t interrupt

Having a portable battery pack of this power and capacity has a useful secondary use too: you can use it as a UPS to keep your vital electronics functioning in case you suffer a power cut. Simply by plugging it into the wall, then attaching your computer to one of the AC output sockets, you’ll be able to save your work and shut down your machine properly, instead of losing whatever you’ve been doing for the past half- hour or more.

Being a big name in the field of residential energy storage, Growatt knows how to build a power pack, and the looks of the Infinity 1300 are sleek and modern-looking. The unit has over-current and short-circuit protection, and is kept cool by powerful cooling fans behind the distinctive striped grille just underneath the wireless charging pad. It’s also small enough to chuck in the car when you need to, light at 19.2kg, and with enough juice to charge a laptop for almost 24 hours non-stop, you’ll never be left without power while out in the wilderness.

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