Golf Posture Correction Instruments for Learners & Children


If you’re new to golf or have kids starting out in the game, then you need one of these Golf Posture Correction Tools.

  • Swing Angle Aid

    • Stuck between the club & the arm, making the arm and club form a perfect angle
    • The movement track of the ball arm can remain on one plane, which forms effective hitting
    • Adapts different club sizes, attaches easily & securely to the shaft of your club
  • Stabilizing Arm Aid

    • Can restrain the right arm, helping to maintain a correct posture & form muscle memory
    • The arm drives the club with the shoulder drives the arm
  • Elbow Alarm Aid

    • Helps increase the swing radian for excellent power, accuracy, & distance
    • Alarms when bending the elbow; the beginner can immediately know the error & correct it, then the left arm can remain right gestures
  • Wrist Angle Aid

    • Can correct position, effectively preventing the wrist bending when hitting the ball
    • Forms an effective straight hitting to avoid the right or left flying curve
  • Center of Gravity Aid

    • Corrects leg position & reduces the excessive leg movement, which forms effective hitting
    • Length-adjustable & solidly connected

These aids help correct your swing and help you achieve better accuracy, power, and distance. Stay safe and have fun on the links with these easy-to-use tools!


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