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Girl thrown from Voi scooter after crashing into Vary Rover

This is the moment a woman was thrown from a Voi electric scooter when somebody opened the door of a Range Rover.

The shocking crash, which was caught on dashcam, happened at around 12.30pm on Friday, April 8, on Berry Street in Liverpool City Centre. The video shows a woman riding a Voi scooter up Renshaw Street and in front of St Luke’s Bombed Out Church.

As the scooter passes a Range Rover parked up on the left-hand side of Berry Street, a passenger sitting in the back opens the door, which knocks the woman off her scooter and into the road.

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The people in the Range Rover go over to check on the woman along with people passing by and other drivers. According to one eyewitness, the woman suffered a bump to the head and injured one arm.

Merseyside Police are investigating the crash.

Voi scooters first came to Liverpool in October 2020 as part of a year-long pilot scheme in conjunction with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and Liverpool City Council. The vehicles travel at a maximum speed of 10 miles an hour, which is electronically restricted to around five miles an hour in areas with high footfall.

Rental electric scooters are classed as motor vehicles and users need to be over 18 and have at least a provisional driver’s license. Riders must also follow traffic rules, as they would do if they were driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

Riding on pavements is illegal and users who break the law can receive penalties and have points added to their driving license. It’s forbidden for more than one person to ride an e-scooter. Doing so affects balance and the functionality of the brakes, and users risk injuring themselves.

In Liverpool, Voi operates a three-strike system for those breaking the rules.

These three strikes are:

  • After one strike users will now receive a seven-day ban and be required to complete the online riding school, RideLikeVoila
  • After two strikes users will receive a 30-day ban
  • After three strikes users will receive a permanent ban

Voi says its “number one priority” is always the safety of its riders, pedestrians and other road users. To ensure riders know their responsibilities, Voi educates its users in-person and online, and safety information is placed on the scooter and regularly shared via in-app messages.

Voi encourages everyone to report any instances of misuse or anti-social behavior via the page.

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