Scooters And One Wheels

Girl pays for Scooters espresso orders to spotlight organ donation | Native information

Catherine Delaine, the store manager for Scooter’s, said it was common for people to pay for a group of orders to honor someone, or start a chain of payments for the order behind them.

“That’s one of the core values ​​of Scooter, actually love,” said Delaine. “We love making sure we spread kindness and always making sure we are doing the best we can every day. I think it’s such a small gesture, but especially to me, I know my day starts great when I have a cup of coffee. So when this little thing starts the day right, it sets the tone for everyone for the rest of the day. “

Along with their drinks, people were given a card that read, “Somebody just did something nice for you because they were affected by the friendliness of organ, tissue and eye donation. Keep the friendliness going. Do something nice for someone else and pass this card on to them. Share your experience on social media with #CountOnKindness. “

Live On Nebraska has a list of suggestions on their website, including flowers, a tip, a reward, and of course, registering as an organ donor.

“The primary one [reason] is to spread friendliness, ”said Jordening. “Because I did something for you today, you will do something for someone else now or in the future. But it’s also about raising awareness about organ donation and getting more people to register as organ donors. “

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