Genius NY is in search of startups: Million Greenback Accelerator

Applications for the New York startup accelerator program GENIUS NY are now open.

“The world’s largest accelerator competition for unmanned technology start-ups is now accepting entries for the fifth time. Five finalists will be selected for this year’s program and will share a total of $ 3 million in cash. The winner will receive a grand prize of $ 1 million. Applications are possible until March 31, 2021, ”says a press release.

The GENIUS NY program in Syracuse, New York is one of the secret weapons in central NY to become a hub of the drone industry. The program offers more than just funding, although the $ 3 million is a huge win: the accelerator also offers space, connections, mentoring, and networking. Combined with the world-class drone testing facilities available at nearby NUAIR, the FAA-UAS test site, this is a compelling proposition for a small business trying to help develop a 50 mile drone corridor in the United States Gaining a foothold in New York to develop Advanced Operations has given companies yet another incentive to grow their business in the Central NY area. “As of 2017, GENIUS NY has invested over $ 12 million in 22 early-stage companies around the world,” the announcement said.

Fotokite from Switzerland won in 2018. “The Fotokite technology calculates the position of the vehicle relative to the user using a tether in combination with an integrated IMU. This enables fast deployment and controlled flight for virtually anyone, eliminating the need for complex launch logs, GPS dependency, trained pilots, and bulky remote controls. Fotokite is designed to assist first responders who recently worked with fire service company Pierce Manufacturing to bring their system to market, which can be integrated into public safety vehicles as well as other fire extinguishers, ”explains the press release. For Fotokite, the program provided an opportunity to enter a new market and achieve the momentum they need to bring their products to a wider audience.

“Bringing Fotokite to the US has always been important to the success of our startup,” said Chris McCall, CEO of Fotokite. “GENIUS NY has accelerated this process for us even more than we expected. This results in a breakthrough growth rate, incredible local and national network connections and highly curated company advice on how to prepare and scale operations.”

Last September, Geopipe, a team from New York City, won the $ 1 million award. The startup develops algorithmic tools for modeling expansive virtual worlds for architecture, real estate, urban planning and beyond.

Dr. Christopher Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of Geopipe, said, “The Geopipe team is honored and proud to be selected as the GENIUS NY 2020 winner. We’re grateful for the support of GENIUS NY’s trainers, mentors, and other startups who have accelerated Geopipe beyond our 2020 goals. We look forward to expanding our team in Central New York and elsewhere as we move Geopipe even faster towards our vision of the digital twin around the world. If you are enthusiastic about 3D data, open world games or building information for the automatic reconstruction of the earth in digital space, we would like to speak to you! “

GENIUS NY is looking for companies that focus on unmanned systems, IoT, big data and robotics. Please visit www.geniusny.com/apply for information on program requirements.

The deadline for submitting the upcoming accelerator is March 31st. The program is funded by Empire State Development and administered at the CenterState CEO’s Tech Garden Incubator in Syracuse, New York. To apply, visit www.geniusny.com.

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