Gemelli Residence Indoor/Out of doors Electrical Pizza Oven


Experience the pizzeria at home with Gemelli Home’s Pizza Oven!

This countertop electric oven offers professional-grade performance and versatility. With 6 preset functions, you can make Brick Oven, Thin Crust, New York Style, or Pan Pizza, elevate store-bought pizzas with the Frozen setting, or quickly char vegetables with the DIY function. The black matte finish adds style while the safe outer shell lets you use it confidently indoors or outdoors. The dual heating elements simulate a wood-fire oven with adjustable temperatures up to 750ºF.

Complete with accessories like a pizza stone, peel, rocker & pan, Gemelli Home brings artisan quality to your culinary creations.

  • Rich functions. Integrates 6 preset functions to allow you to make your favorite pizza every time

    1. Neapolitan
    2. Thin & Crispy
    3. New York Style
    4. Pan
    5. Frozen
    6. DIY
  • Dual heating elements. Made to mimic a brick oven for a better-tasting pizza
  • Customizable settings. To easily adjust each heating element, time & temperature
  • Up to 750ºF. One of the hottest pizza ovens available, the Gemelli Home offers temperatures from 170ºF up to 750ºF
  • Viewing window. Easily monitor your pizza’s progress so you get the perfect crust every time
  • Stylish black matte finish. For a more elegant & sophisticated look; perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Safe to use. The outer shell stays at a safe temperature throughout the cooking cycle
  • Indoor & outdoor use. Easy to transport & works wherever there’s an outlet


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