Gear4 Havana for Pixel 6 and 6 Professional: Clear housing with D3O 3-foot fall safety

While I adore my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, I couldn’t resist ordering the Google Pixel 6 Pro largely for its camera features. Although I plan to use it with my Google Fi SIM, in many situations and environments it will be out of my pocket to take photos and videos so it needs protection.

ZAGG currently offers a case and screen protector for the Google Pixel 6 and a single case for the Pixel 6 Pro. We may see more releases over time, but it’s nice to have options from ZAGG to get us started.

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Gear4 Havana

ZAGG is offering the Gear4 Havana case for both the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro at a price of US $ 29.99 each. The enclosures are the same, but with a size difference and a slight design change on the Pixel 6 Pro to support the curved glass on the sides of the front display.

The case is clear, so if you have one of the Pixel 6 devices with the fun colors, that color will show through a little. I have a rather boring Stormy Black Pixel 6 Pro, but I also tried the case on my wife’s Sorta Seafoam Pixel 6. The top of the case is smooth so the color shows through nicely, while the part of the back under the large camera opening is more opaque so the color isn’t as obvious.

By using the D3O material, Gear4 achieves a standard 10 foot drop protection so you can be confident that it will survive a fall from your hand as long as it lands cheaply. The edges have quite a bit of material to protect the corners and edges from a fall.

The casings also contain RepelFlex, an antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria while protecting the casing from decay.

The lower part of the back and the sides below the camera opening are ribbed, so the case design gives you an improved grip that makes it difficult to drop your phone in the first place. The cases are also made from recycled plastic so you won’t add any waste when switching to a different case.

The edges are great at protecting your phone, while on the right side are the raised buttons for the volume and power buttons. Speaker, USB-C and microphone openings are also provided. Wireless charging and Google Pay work perfectly when your phone is in the case.

InvisibleShield Glass Elite for Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 Pro has curved glass sides on its display, so providing a screen protector is not as easy as it is with a flat display. With the Pixel 6’s flat glass, ZAGG is ready to protect it with the InvisibleShield Glass Elite protector, available for $ 49.99.

An alignment pocket / guide, EZ Apply, is provided so that you can properly apply the screen protector the first time. While the front facing camera is evident in the center, different posts on the alignment tray will make sure you position the guard properly before attaching it.

I’ve used screen protectors on devices in the past, but the InvisibleShield Glass Elite protector is an aluminosilicate glass that is made with an ion exchange technology that makes it five times stronger than your standard protective glass. This material could explain the quite high price of the screen protector compared to cheap glass plates on Amazon.

Antimicrobial treatment can also be found in the glass protection and ZAGG’s ClearPrint surface treatment significantly reduces stains and fingerprints from the surface. Inexpensive protectors that show my fingerprints are thrown away quickly so I appreciate that ZAGG is working on delivering such a great user experience.

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