GE Truvitals Wi-fi Digital No Contact Brow Thermometer


Enhance temperature monitoring with the GE Truvitals Wireless Digital No Touch Forehead Thermometer. This user-friendly device features a color-coded system, providing instant fever detection. The Mute Mode ensures convenience, allowing you to take readings without disturbing your child or others, especially during nighttime use. Simply hold the thermometer a few inches away from the target area, press the button, and obtain accurate readings without any physical contact. It also has 10 memory slots, 15-second shutoff, and Body/Surface modes. Experience ultimate convenience and accuracy with GE Truvitals Wireless Digital No Touch Forehead Thermometer.

  • Color-coded system. Know that you have a normal temperature with green, a fever with yellow and a high fever with red
  • Mute mode. Enables you to take temperature day & night without disturbing your child or others
  • No contact. Get accurate readings without touching the skin at all
  • Surface Mode. Don’t just check the readings of a person, but objects as well
  • 15-second shutoff. Powers off the thermometer in 15 seconds


  • Bluetooth function. Connects your thermometer to the Truvitals app
  • Truvitals app. Have all your collected medical data at the ready
  • Share. Send your temperature readings straight to your doctor

TM4000 Features

  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Compatible with the Truvitals app
  • LED display
  • 32 memory slots
  • 15-second automatic shutoff
  • Color-coded fever alerts
  • Non-touch readings
  • Body/Surface modes
  • Mute mode
  • Pre-calibrated


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