Gamma Graphene-Infused Heated Jacket + Heated Energy Financial institution Bundle (Males’s M/Ladies’s L)


With this jacket, you can stay warm and stylish. Built with graphene’s amazing properties, Gamma is your everyday jacket, your travel jacket, your activewear, and even your going-out jacket. Whether you are hiking in the mountains or popping into town for a cup of coffee, the heat-insulating design will warm you up in a matter of seconds. Gamma is the only jacket you’ll need all year round, all around the globe.

This bundle comes also with our HETA hand-warming power bank, the only power bank you need in the coldest winter. Exquisite and functional, our 2-in-1 Heta Heated Power Bank is like a warm cup of cocoa in your hands. Heta was custom-designed to be used with our Gamma heated jacket – guaranteed to fit inside the power bank pocket and support maximum heat output from your jacket.

Gamma-Graphene Heated Jacket

  • Graphene-infused materials. Keeps you warm even in the coldest environments
  • Built-in smart heating system. Simply connect a power bank for precise control of your upper-body temperature
  • Uniform heat distribution. Built with heater paired with graphene fabric for even heating throughout your body
  • Smart thermoregulating system. Keeps you cool in summer & warm in winter
  • Breathable. Gamma channels air out & wicks moisture from your skin
  • 100% water & wind-resistant. Built with premium-quality materials to last longer than ordinary jackets
  • 100% machine washable. Perfectly safe to throw in the washing machine for thorough cleaning
  • Hypoallergenic. Resistant to allergens & mites
  • UV-proof. Protects your skin from the heat of the sun

Heta Hand Warming Power Bank

  • Double-sided heating. Provides a larger heating surface to keep your hands & upper body warm
  • Smart temperature display. The power & temperature levels can be seen at a glance through the indicator light
  • 3 adjustable heat settings. Enjoy warm hands in even in very cold weather conditions
  • USB-C fast charging. Charges your devices while you’re on the go
  • Long battery life. Keeps you warm for up to 8 continuous hours


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