Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine


Your solution to clean, healthy eating!

Using only water as raw material, our three-step process of electrolysis, degradation, and deep purification eliminates harmful ingredients and residues from your food, containers, and kitchenware. With just the push of a button, this compact and portable cleaner can purify fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, grains, and more in just 10 minutes. Plus, our built-in rechargeable battery ensures up to 25 uses per charge. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to safe, efficient, and easy cleaning with our fruit and vegetable cleaner.

  • 3-step purification technology

    1. Electrolysis. Water is decomposed into OH- & H+ under the action of electrolytic material
    2. Degradation. OH- will destroy chemical molecule of residual & cell walls, make it becomes harmless
    3. Deep purification. OH- & Cl combine into HClO, will deeply degrade residues and harmful ingredient
  • Efficient cleaning. Can purify more than 99% of residual harmful ingredients & prolong storage time
  • 4,400mAh rechargeable battery. Can be used for 25 minutes when fully charged
  • Safe & stable. No noise & interference during use
  • Easy to clean. The top cover can be removed for deep cleaning after each use


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