Flytrex receives FAA approval to provide drones

Israeli drone delivery company Flytrex has received FAA approval for the delivery of drones and flight over people. Flytrex says the approval will allow Flytrex to expand the delivery of retail merchandise through drones in Fayetteville, NC. “The newly granted waiver enables Flytrex to operate its drone system over humans, enabling the largest deliveries of goods from the backyard drones to date.”

Flytrex carries out drone deliveries in cooperation with long-term partner Causey Aviation Unmanned. Causey Aviation also operates as a private manned aircraft service under Part 135.

Flytrex is a retail delivery service. Customers can use an app to order items from the neighborhood Walmart, Starbucks and other local restaurants and cafes. Now Flytrex can “offer food, drink and other goods” to “thousands of eligible households in the area who can sign up for the service.” Customers can track the status of their order along their route “until the package is safely lowered into their backyard by cable”.

FAA approval does not allow flights out of line of sight (BVLOS.). “Flytrex will conduct all flights within line of sight while maintaining the highest safety standards,” the announcement said. However, the project shows how many houses can be reached within the limits of the VLOS flight.

“The FAA approval is essential to expand the on-demand delivery of drones in the US while maintaining the highest possible safety standards,” said Yariv Bash, co-founder and CEO of Flytrex. “With this expansion, we can gain valuable insights into usage and customer preferences and further adapt our offer to the needs of consumers. With continued help from the FAA, drone delivery will soon become more of the rule than the exception. ”

Flytrex announced the pilot project with Walmart in September 2020: Now more households in Fayetteville can deliver drones on demand. Recent research shows that communities given the opportunity to experience drone delivery firsthand express high levels of public approval for the program: Further market research predicts that the market for drone delivery is in the near future Future will grow by 53% CAGR as there is demand for this program. Day and fast delivery is growing.

“Flytrex shares our passion and commitment to responsibly and safely bring the immense benefits of unmanned air delivery to the public,” said Jeff Causey, Founder and CEO of Causey Aviation Unmanned. “We are excited to announce this benchmark approval with you and continue to provide fast and safe delivery to a growing number of households in North Carolina and beyond.”

Flytrex has worked with the FAA on the UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) and the current BEYOND integration initiative.

“North Carolina is the first in flight and is known for its contribution to aviation history. Today we are continuing this illustrious record as we contribute to unmanned aviation history, ”said Bobby Walston, NCDOT’s Aviation Director. “Working with our UAS partners over the past few years, we’ve seen the impressive progress these companies have made in delivering on-demand drones in the United States. This latest breakthrough approval is another milestone along the way. “

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