FlightPath – The World’s Most Superior Golf Tee


FlightPath is the tournament-legal tee with a revolutionary design that helps you effortlessly hit longer, straighter drives. Plus, it’s nearly unbreakable!

Hit Further & Straighter Than Ever Before
FlightPath tees are proven through independent testing to increase your accuracy and distance.

Using a FlightPath tee won’t turn you into Tiger Woods overnight. However, it will instantly add a few yards to each drive… help you hit straighter shots… and save you money and hassle every time you hit the links.

How? It’s all thanks to the patented FlightPath design, which has been robotically tested to reduce backspin and the friction that causes sidespin. Add in the polycarbonate material that makes each tee last for 100+ hits and boom — you’re looking at the best golf tee ever made!

Wooden tees slow you down. Take off the breaks with FlightPath!

Hit Your Drives With Laser-Like Precision
Nothing kills your confidence in the tee box more than slices or hooks. But did you know your tee could be to blame? Friction between the ball and tee creates sidespin, which could be the difference between ending up in the middle of the fairway or the rough.

Thanks to FlightPath’s directional diamond design, we’ve eliminated almost all friction between the ball and tee — ensuring you get a smoother, more consistent flight path every time!

Beat Your Longest Drives Without Changing Your Swing
While many tees promise to add yards to your drive, FlightPath is actually proven to deliver real results. That’s why pros like Maurice Allen, World Long Drive Champion, use FlightPath!

Unlike regular tees that rely on a standard platform to stabilize the ball, FlightPath uses an angled launch platform. This special platform creates a ramp-like effect that reduces backspin on your drives.

FlightPath offers less resistance… and more distance!

Unlike other tees with overblown promises that don’t deliver, FlightPath is different. We ran our tees through rigorous, independent testing that proves FlightPath increases distance and improves precision.

FlightPath is designed to withstand 100+ hits without breaking. Plus, thanks to the increased accuracy from FlightPath, you’ll save money on lost golf balls. Talk about a win-win!

FlightPath’s Smart Arrow Technology helps you aim your shots with precision, it also conforms to the rules of golf. That means it’s legal to use in tournaments and even in USGA matches.


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