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Finest iPhone 12 Professional digital camera lens protector

The iPhone 12 Pro has really evolved into the “Pro” phone this year, not only rocking an additional camera to stand out from the vanilla iPhone 12, but also some cool professional features like Apple ProRAW, LiDAR -controlled night mode portrait, and Dolby Vision HDR video recording, to name a few. It goes without saying that the cameras are a real investment in the iPhone 12 Pro, which also means that you should protect them. Not a fan of cases? No problem. We’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 12 Pro camera lens protectors to save you the hassle:

    Made from ultra-thin tempered glass just 0.33mm thick, this is made of 9H glass, which is as hard as such a material, and has an oleophobic coating on top.

    I’ve tried the lens protectors for EGV cameras before and was impressed with the great mix of affordability and features like thickness and clarity that they bring to the table.

    Would you like comprehensive protection from the camera lens to the screen without missing out on the basic requirements of what EGV has to offer? The combination of 6-pack EGV screen protector and lens protector is just right for you.

    The LK camera lens protector is one of the cheapest options on the list that ensures high material quality. It uses a 9H tempered glass to provide some level of security.

    Okay, if you’re a fan of accessories where the bling factor is paramount, the SXUFO camera lens is covered in rhinestone crystals to really make your iPhone 12 Pro stand out from the crowd.

    If you’re looking for something a little more versatile that will give your expensive iPhone 12 Pro 360-degree protection, the Ubrand case with a sliding camera lens protective cover is a great solution at a great value for the Apple device.

    The Uniqueme camera lens protector for the iPhone 12 Pro is made of scratch-resistant tempered glass with high material clarity and has an oleophobic layer to keep dust and stains away.

    The WSKEN camera lens protection rings are made of sturdy material with an aluminum finish and are available in multiple color options to completely blend in with the color of your phone.

    Want to give your iPhone 12 Pro some shine, but don’t want to go overboard with all that crystal shine? The Esken Sparkle provides just the right amount of glitter while protecting your phone’s lenses.

For my personal favorites, I would choose the EGV 6-pack lens and the tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro. For just around $ 12, you can get a 9H tempered glass screen protector and a lens protector set that is just as tough as a product in its class. In addition, it has a drop-friendly design, features high material clarity, and flash rings to ensure that camera output is not compromised.

However, if a traditional tempered glass lens protector isn’t for you and you want something a little more minimalistic, the WSKEN iPhone 12 Pro camera lens rings are the right choice for you. This model consists of a sturdy base with a strong adhesive to prevent it from falling and has an aluminum surface. It’s a great solution. Also, you can color match it to the back of the phone.

That was all about our list of the best iPhone 12 Pro camera lens protectors. Would you like more great product recommendations? Check out our list of the best iPhone 12 Pro screen protectors and one more that puts together the best cases for your Apple flagship device. Also check out our review of the iPhone 12 Pro in the video below if you want to be pampered but want to learn more about its performance and other important aspects:

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