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Find out how to Repair New BSOD and App Crash Points

Microsoft has released a major fix to the latest version of its Windows 11 software after reports of two critical bugs affecting the new operating system.

It’s only been a short time since the Windows 11 21H2 update was released on November 16, but the company has already acknowledged two major issues in its Windows Known Issues log – one that causes apps to crash, another that leads to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error.

Perhaps most worrying of all is that certain Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) drivers are buggy and result in BSOD errors on both Windows 11 and some Windows 10 installations. Microsoft points out the Intel SST versions and as the culprit.

As a temporary solution, Microsoft has blocked upgrades for affected PCs and is suggesting that you manually update your drivers via the Intel website if you are stuck with a faulty SST.

How to fix Windows 11 app crashing problem

The cause of the Windows 11 app crashing problem is less clear, but it is believed that in the new version it is due to an issue with the Microsoft Installer (MSI) where MSI crashes certain apps when you try to use them repair or update – including big names like Kaspersky Security.

Fortunately, this can be fixed by manually uninstalling the affected app through Settings or Control Panel and then reinstalling it, according to Microsoft.

As part of an optional update expected in the coming days, appropriate fixes for the app crashing issue and Windows 11 BSOD issue are expected.

If you’re on the Windows Beta and Release Preview Channel, you can get a patch sooner by downloading the latest build from the Windows Insider blog – keep in mind that beta releases can have their own quirks.

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