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Final Ears brings shape-shifting UE Matches to the UK

Discerning audiophiles will argue custom molds are the end game for in-ear listening – there’s no beating the comfort and sound isolation with off-the-shelf silicone tips. Ultimate Ears has the next best thing: the UE Fits true wireless in-ears deliver a bespoke fit without needing a trip to an audiologist – and are finally heading to the UK after going down a storm in the US last year.

Arriving in Eclipse blue, Cloud gray and Dawn lilac colours, the Bluetooth ‘buds use gel-filled ear tips that fill the contours of your ear canal for a truly personalized fit. Built-in LEDs then harden the gel in under a minute, ensuring they’ll stay secure even while exercising, and stopping background noise sneaking in like it would with a regular pair of earphones. Sweat resistance means they’ll do just fine for gym duty.

Ultimate Ears also recons the custom fit reduces pressure on your ear canals, so they should be fine for extended listening.

10mm dynamic drivers provide the sound, and dual microphones are on hand for making or taking calls. The built-in battery should be good for up to eight hours of listening per charge. The charging case can bring that totally up to 20 hours.

The buds have customizable touch controls, with playback, track skip, volume control, and call answering without reaching for your phone. Ultimate Ears’ UE Fits app plays nicely with both iOS and Android, and it supports both Siri and Google Assistant.

The UE Fits are now on sale in the UK, France and Germany directly from the Ultimate Ears website. Canada is also getting in on the shape-shifting action for the first time. Prices start from £200, €230 and CAD250.

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