FAA begins leisure drone check: TRUST

The FAA has announced a list of approved recreational drone testing organizations to provide recreational drone pilots with “flight safety knowledge and an overview of the rules for operating drones in the National Airspace System,” the FAA press release said.

The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 directed the FAA to develop a test for recreational drone operators: the drone industry provided stakeholder input, and the result is a free online test conducted by non-governmental test administrators. Recreational drone pilots who pass the test receive a certificate of completion. A recreational drone pilot must provide evidence on request that he has taken the test. At this time, however, the FAA has not announced a system to force tests or educate consumers about the test at the time of purchase.

In addition to clubs like the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the Boy Scouts of America, TRUST is administered by qualified education and training organizations across the country.

“These organizations are key to making this test widely available and easily available to recreational drone pilots,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. “We need pilots of all aircraft, including those who operate recreational drones, who have the training and knowledge to operate safely in the country’s airspace.”

Drone U is one of the earliest FAA approved TRUST test administrators. “As one of the largest online training facilities for drone pilots, it seemed like a natural fit,” said Paul Aitken, CEO of Drone U. “We are already training people on how to fly drones and be safe. Why not add this step and help them gain the new required TRUST from the FAA? “

“For years, Drone U has focused on training drone pilots to fly, how to do it safely and how to start a drone business. This includes the development of communities and platforms for both individual pilots and large fleets of drones operated by companies and government organizations, ”says a press release from Drone U.

“With our continued commitment to developing and delivering exceptional drone training, resources, expertise, community and fleet management to the industry, Drone U is in a unique position to work with the FAA to ensure the public is complying with the regulations and that We know how to operate safely in the country’s airspace, ”says Aiken.

Links to test administrators are available on the FAA website. The test is carried out online free of charge by the approved test administrators

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