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Extra upgrades than we thought? (Video)

Last chance to pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S21 with huge discounts

More Android smartphones from OnePlus, Google and others are available for sale

B&H offers several MacBook Pro models, smart TVs, and more

Let’s start with deals today. Pre-orders for the Galaxy S21 ended yesterday, but guess what, I think if you order today you can still get some of these deals. The Galaxy S21 5G still starts at $ 99, but now with just $ 50 instant credit. The S21 + now starts at $ 299 with $ 75 instant credit. And finally, the S21 Ultra is available for $ 499 with an instant credit of $ 100 when you purchase it. Remember that all of these prices are for trade-in deals. So, you need a device that you can trade with to take advantage of these benefits. If you are planning to buy a new galaxy and want some protection, SUPCASE is still our first choice. Use Promo Code 10POCKETNOW on Amazon for a 10% discount or use Promo Code POCKETNOW15 on to get your cases. Are you looking for an older device? Don’t worry, the Z Flip is still available for $ 299 and the Z Fold 2 is only available for $ 1000 if you have a device to trade. Moving on down the line, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is available for $ 35, which means it starts at $ 515 and we have deals on the Type Cover too. The OnePlus 8 Pro is still available for $ 200, so OnePlus costs $ 700, although it’s kind of more expensive with these S21 deals. The Google Pixel 4a 5G is still $ 50 and is around $ 450. Finally, the Pixel 4 XL retails for $ 109 off the original price, so it stays at $ 609. We have more deals on Motorola phones, Razer accessories and more at the links below.

onor could introduce a foldable phone this year

Let’s talk about the future of honor now. The company was actually quite active this year after Huawei sold the brand. Today we have a new statement from the company’s CEO mentioning that Huawei’s sanctions no longer affect them. Other reports claim they have allegedly signed new deals with Qualcomm, MediaTek, and even Google. Earlier this week we heard how they may be preparing two different lineups using Google Play Services, but apparently that’s not all. The company’s CEO mentions that they will soon be launching a “flagship line” like Huawei’s Mate and P series, and even a foldable phone under the Magic logo. In fact, a leak from Weibo claims we should expect the first line of folding screen phones later this year. Speaking of foldables, it looks like they’re likely to go more mainstream this year. Xiaomi is reportedly working on 3, OPPO on 1 and Samsung also on 3, including a Z Flip Lite. We’ll see what we get from Honor because it should be good, but the outside folding turned out to be a bad idea.

Batteries could be used as haptic motors in a future Apple Watch

Let’s get to Cupertino and the Apple Watch because it looks like the company is messing things up. You’ll understand that in a second. The company has just filed a new patent with the USPTO that aims to make the Apple Watch thinner by removing the haptic feedback engine. However, because the haptic feedback is so important to the Apple Watch user experience, Apple plans to use the battery to take on this role. The patent describes a “moving battery component” that provides the haptic feedback. By removing the haptic engine, a larger battery can now be used, which will improve battery life unless Apple has other plans. But yeah, this is only a patent and we know Apple is notorious for patenting things and never releasing them. We’ll see what we actually get with the next Apple Watch, as the only other rumor we’ve heard so far is the blood glucose meter. Does anyone remember the days when, if you wanted your Nokia phone to vibrate, you had to buy a special battery that did it? Nobody? I know … I am so old.

Samsung could also introduce its own mobile phone soon

Let’s get back to Samsung a little bit and talk about foldables, since in the Honor segment we talked about the company working on 3. It seems we should expect big improvements with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a Z Flip 3 (3 is for the apt names) and rumor has it that we will get a Galaxy Z Flip Lite that will make leaflets more affordable. However, it looks like leaflets aren’t the only market Samsung is looking to get into. I know Diego is full of puns today. Well, the vice president of Samsung Display said during a call for earnings that they plan to “strengthen their presence in the display market through innovative form factors such as scrollable and sliding displays”. Now he has not stated that these are for smartphones as we know that Samsung Display can do a lot more. However, we have a patent that Samsung filed back in 2019 that shows a smartphone screen that slides down and back into the device. As soon as it slides down, it will show the selfie camera and other sensors, probably for face recognition. Of course, there’s no guarantee we’ll get one of these anytime soon, but with LG potentially exiting this market, would you like to see a Samsung rolling or sliding phone?

Apple is testing the on-screen optical fingerprint sensor for its upcoming iPhones

The iPhone 13 Pro could have a 1 TB storage variant

Finally, for today’s hottest news, we’re talking about the iPhone 13 or 12S. Yes, I know Apple hasn’t made an S in 2 years, but I’m sure you understand what I mean by iterative updates. We have heard several reports that so far overlap, such as the smaller notch or the fingerprint scanner on the display, as well as the refresh rate of 120 Hz. Now we have a new report from IT-Home that claims that the iPhone 13 Pro and Per Max could get up to 1 TB of storage space. For reference only, the current Pro models can be up to 512GB, and Apple hasn’t added any more space in two generations. Yesterday Jon Prosser also mentioned that there are currently some prototypes with additional memory, but this will only be the case for the Pro models. He also called it 12S in the video, so interesting, right? Finally, we also got some new renders of the phone from LetsGoDigital and Concept Creator who always do a great job. These renderings are intended for the iPhone 13 Pro and have a very well known design. With the box-shaped structure and almost the same camera module, we only expect internal changes for the camera. Probably the biggest change from last year is the shorter notch, which several reports say won’t be tighter. These renders also show another bold move by Apple with no charging port below, and we wouldn’t be surprised given how much they’re pushing MagSafe right now. Both reports also mention the Wi-Fi 6E integration, which we talked about a few days ago.

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