Expodronica Madrid Airspace Integration Week

Expodrónica at Airspace Integration Week 2023 Madrid

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

Airspace Integration Week begins in Madrid on September 25. The event will last four days and it will highlight integration between both manned and unmanned aircraft sectors, showcasing the latest innovations and applications in aerospace technologies.

The event will be hosted by IFEMA Madrid and Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome. There will be exhibitions, networking opportunities, and expert presentations in the four theaters of IFEMA Madrid during the first two days of the event. The following two days will have additional exhibitions and live demonstrations at the Cuatro Vientos Airport.

Airspace integration week is designed to bring together the industry actors and government officials under the umbrella of aviation systems and space exploration. Some of the officials in attendance included members of the European Union, NATO, the U.S. Armed Forces, EUROCONTROL, NASA, and national air safety agencies.

“Airspace Integration Week allows our attendees the only opportunity to get closer to the inner workings of airspace management and the single sky and to learn first-hand about the pioneering initiatives that will transform the way we understand the world,” says Brian Bruckbauer, President of the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA).

Three additional interrelated events will take place during Airspace Integration Week. The Airspace Integration Congress (AI) will be held from September 25th to 27th, highlighting key successes in the integration of unmanned aircrafts into airspaces. The first ever World Space Summit will take place at the same time, aimed to connect actors involved in the development of new technologies for the exploration of space. Concluding the week, the Expódronica Air Show, taking place at the Cuatro Vientos Airport, will exhibit how both manned and unmanned aircrafts can integrate and coexist.

“In the last decade, innovation has won the sky. But never before the opportunities have been so clear.” says Isabel Buatas, Director of Expódronica, “AI and advances towards autonomy in traditional manned aviation; the integration of advanced area mobility in cities and its deployment in economic sectors as important as logistics, agriculture, industry and security; its full integration in the field of defense and its approaching incorporation in the transport of people and goods.”

Towards the end of the week, prizes will be given to the projects that have contributed the greatest to aerospace integration in each field; unmanned, manned, space, and civil-military cooperation. The week concludes with a Drone Film Festival and a drone light show.

Registration is open and free to anyone interested in attending. Airspace Integration Week is an opportunity to see how manned and unmanned aircrafts can safely and efficiently share the sky.

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