Examine Out Daybreak’s New Podcasts! Full Crew Launches on Monday with Romeo Durscher and DRONELIFE’s Miriam McNabb

Live on Monday, June 6 at 11:00 AM EST! If you’ve loved the Dawn of Drones podcasts on DRONELIFE, you won’t want to miss Dawn Zoldi and Michael Pehel’s two new offerings: Full Crew and Full TILT. Hosted independently, these new podcasts move beyond drones into the wider world of technology – but to launch the new series, DRONELIFE’s Miriam McNabb joins drone industry veteran Romeo Durscher to discuss the news headlines of the week! Watch live here on the Full Crew YouTube channel.

Dawn Zoldi, CEO and Founder, P3 Tech Consulting, creator and host of the popular weekly Dawn of Drones podcast, and producer Mike Pehel, CEO of MJN Associates, are pleased to announce the launch of two new technology-focused podcasts and related Twitter Spaces discussions, called Full Crew and Full TILT (Tech Industry Leadership Talks).

The Full Crew podcast will air live weekly, every Monday 9am MT/11 am ET across YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook with downloadable audio on Spotify, Apple, and Google platforms plus additional access through Patreon and Discord.

Pehel explained the motivation for Full Crew. We learned from the Dawn of Drones that there is a high demand for quality news reporting and unbiased information in the tech sector,he said. Full crew will focus on current events in the news,” Pehel continued. This is about much more than uncrewed vehicles. This is about discussing the hottest topics ripped from the headlines relating to all of the technologies that will shape society and move us into a better tomorrow.”

The Full TILT podcast is a spin-off of Full Crew and will live stream bi-weekly, every other Tuesday at 9am MT/11 am ET on the same Full Crew channels. Hosted by Zoldi and featuring perspectives from true leaders in the tech sector, Full TILT will give viewers an under the hood look at the leadership strategies used to build the products and teams that bring us one step closer to the future.

For almost a year, we have been taping our Dawn of Drones podcast guests. After every episode, we obtain our guestslife and leadership tips exclusively for my Patreon. The wisdom these leaders have provided has been so incredible and inspirational that we thought to ourselves, This needs to be his own show. Everyone needs to hear about these invaluable life and leadership lessons! And so Full TILT was born,’” says Zoldi.

These new podcasts and Twitter Spaces talks will run parallel to the Dawn of Drones, which will continue to run separately every Wednesday at 9am MT/11 am ET, on DroneLife TV/YouTube. The Dawn of Drones features guests from the uncrewed ecosystem whose discussions are linked to monthly themes, such as dual-use technology,“Industry Diversity” and workforce development.” Dawn of Drones guests also appear in Zoldis Clubhouse room, Drone Law Connections, at 11am MT/1pm ET on the Thursday prior to their podcast. The Dawn of Drones podcast lineup is set for the remainder of 2022.

We are thrilled to continue working with DroneLife on the Dawn of Drones this year and into the future,” said Zoldi. We hope to complement our existing work with these new and independent initiatives.”

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