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Ex pulls the important thing from the working scooter | Ahmedabad Information

Ahmedabad: A 20-year-old Ranip woman suffered serious injuries on Saturday after her ex-boyfriend removed the key from her scooter while chasing her on the Sabarmati riverside road in the Vadaj neighborhood.
The woman’s friend, the daughter of a police officer, was sitting on the pillion at the time of the incident and was also injured.
According to the FIR filed with the Sabarmati (West) riverside police station, the woman, a senior college graduate student on Ashram Road, was driving home on Saturday night when the defendant Sahil Vaghela, the ex- Complainant’s friend, she was being chased on a scooter.
“Vaghela with his girlfriend Aniket Jaiswal on the pillion spotted us near the Udaseen Ashram on the river bank. He yelled at me to stop my vehicle, ”she said in the FIR.
She said she drove on out of fear, but he pulled the key while her vehicle was in motion.
“I lost control of my scooter as a result of the impact and fell onto the road, which injured myself. Passers-by ran to us to help ”, she said in the FIR.
The two men saw people running towards us and fled on their scooter, she announced in the FIR.
Someone from the crowd called an ambulance and the women were taken to the Asarwa Civil Hospital.
The applicant suffered serious injuries to her forehead, scalp and right eyebrow. Her friend suffered relatively less severe injuries to her feet.
In the accident, the complainant lost her wallet and a bag with documents containing her original BA grade sheet for the fourth semester.
Sabarmati Police Department Inspector VM Desai said Jaiswal had been caught by police and Vaghela was still on the run.
Police charged her within the IPC Sections of attempted homicide, stalking, wrongful imprisonment, causing serious injury, mischief that caused harm and aiding and abetting.

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