EuroLink Beluga Mini Drone Launch at AUVSI: Twin Use

Italy’s EuroLink will launch Beluga Mini-Drone at Xponential 2022.

EuroLink Systems has decades of industry experience and strong customer following: and at next week’s Xponential 2022 in Orlando, the company will launch the Beluga mini drone, a dual-use aircraft ready to deploy anywhere from the desert to the arctic.

Loaded with options, the Beluga mini drone is highly adaptable to a wide variety of missions: from military or public safety applications like short-range reconnaissance, search & rescue, or security applications to commercial use in 3-D terrain mapping, critical delivery, or urban logistics support.

EuroLink says the drone combines art with science – and offers unparalleled ease of use. “Beluga users indicate that it ramps-up 100% faster with less complexity and delivers an ROI that can be realized within the first 3-to-6 months of operational use,” says Pietro Lapiana, EuroLink CEO.

“We’ve also worked hard to address the complexity of designing and integrating technology into drone platforms,” he says. “With Beluga, customers can get an integrated, robust solution with no development time, at a third of the cost of a fully tested custom solution.”

A Swarm of Beluga Mini Drones? The Tech Mix

Beluga represents a family of drone products, and EuroLink says they approach development from an ecosystem standpoint, reflected by the range of technologies on-board and the various platform configurations that can be used to meet target applications and demanding environmental conditions.

Beluga can operate as a dedicated drone or within a SWARM operation. The platform hosts advanced technologies including EO/IR, multi-spectral LIDAR, GPR, Laser Designator, RF Catcher, GAS/CBNR Detectors, Carriers, 4G/5G Satellite Comms and a specially designed AI suite.

Depending upon how the Beluga is configured, the aircraft offers:

  • 60-minute endurance
  • 60 MPH rated speed
  • Operating temperature range from -25 degrees C to +55 degrees C (desert to arctic range use),
  • water resistance,
  • low-noise propeller/blade technology – resulting in “Silent Drone Operation,”
  • up to 25 miles RLOS,
  • 16,400 feet maximum sailing altitude
  • Military and Commercial Auto Pilot options.

EuroLink will be exhibiting at Booth number 2060 at AUVSI Xponential 2o22.

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