eufy Clear G40+ Robotic Vacuum


Strong Suction with Powerful Brushes
Let G40+ do all the heavy lifting with 2,500 Pa of suction, backed by roller brushes that sweep up leftover dust and debris.

Calculates the Best Route
G40 Hybrid+ plans logical routes around your home to save time and clean every part of the home faster.

Cleans Under Furniture
With a 2.85″ ultra-slim design, G40 Hybrid+ slips under furniture to clean, so you never have to struggle to lift heavy couches or tables.

Quiet 55 dB Cleaning
Stay focused on work or fun as G40 Hybrid+ sweeps your home at only 55 dB, the noise level of a quiet office.

Switch Suction Power
with BoostIQ™

Recharges and Resumes Cleaning
*Remove objects within 1.6 ft/0.5m to the left and right sides and within 4.9 ft/1.5m in front of the self-empty station.

Won’t Fall Down the Stairs

Control via the App

Auto-Locking Dust Bag
*The hygienic and deodorizing dust bags are not reusable. New ones can be purchased.

Store Your Accessories

What’s in the Box
1、Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
2、Self-Empty Station
3、Power Adapter
4、Protective Pad *For certain regions only
5、Additional Dust Bag
6、Additional Filter
7、Additional Side Brush
8、Cleaning Tool
9、Cable Ties ×5
10、Owner’s Manual Documents


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