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Swirling with vivid color in water-drop design, the Snow Lamp is a unique work of art by EP Light that provides stunning ambient illumination and creative style to any modern decor. This lamp’s energy-efficient LED technology offers a comfortable, rich & warm light in any setting. The bulb is handcrafted with eco-friendly, drop-resistant resin that’s crystal clear and never hot to the touch. No matter where you display it, this rich, radiant art piece makes a bold, artistic statement that effortlessly enhances the atmosphere of your space.

  • Unique water-drop bulb shape. Unique color & paint curves inside the bulb

  • Resin construction. Handcrafted with eco-friendly, drop-resistant resin

  • Safe. Crystal clear & never hot to the touch

  • Eye-safe. No eye-harming glare

  • Decorative. Rich, radiant art piece makes a bold, artistic statement

  • Versatile. Perfect decor for office, workbench, bedside, children’s room & more

  • Energy efficient. Requires 63% less energy than traditional bulbs

ATTENTION: Please note that each E.P. Light is unique and can be quite different. The actual color and paint curves inside is totally random and unique because each is handcrafted as an original work of art.


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