ENJJOY: All-Pure NANO CBD Sleep Assist Vegan Gummies (800mg)


A blue raspberry ticket to the cosmos within.

ENJOY Sleep Support Gummies are a new way to help you sleep. They are made with pure, potent cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp that is tested multiple times for potency and purity to ensure a consistent experience every time. Each gummy contains 15mg of CBD and is made with natural sleep aid ingredients like melatonin and L-tryptophan.

  • Sleep support. Like a gentle wave carrying you to deep, uninterrupted sleep
  • Broad spectrum. Made with pure CBD boosted with supplements
  • 2x as potent as most brands. Tested 4 times for potency & purity
  • THC-free. Will not get you high
  • USDA-compiant. Sourced from the best natural hemp farms in the US

HOW TO: Take 1-2 gummies 30-60 minutes before going to sleep.


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